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EAC Theatre's "Miss LonelyHearts" Production!
Click here to visit our site for ticket and show information in May !This theatre, live-stage produc...
eactheatre May 4, 03:00PM
Miss LonelyHearts
This theatre, live-stage production will debut on May 4th and continue running for the duration of M...
eactheatre May 9, 06:00PM
80 Days Around the World Burlesque and Variety Show
Go on an adventure around the world steampunk style in this fantastic joy ride of burlesque and vari...
SirenSaintSin May 24, 09:00PM


Effective today I am retiring as an artist. Thanks... more
More artists are blocking so I must be rocking
The face in the mirror knows more than you can see... more

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i new as well about a month something like that... More
No problem. Thank you for clarifying this for...