The Chuco Artist Network Promotes, Develops and Connects the Best Creative Talent in the Southwest. Artists, Businesses, Clubs, Organizations and People for Visual, Music, Written and Performing Arts welcome.

The Chuco Artist Project has no public or private funding and receives no financial support of any kind from the city or advertisements. Any and all proceeds we gather we will be used to further benefit and enrich the lives of the Artists and to further help promote and support them.




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Nov 13 '14
High Resolution Images is essential for gallery worthy prints. Save for Web should only be used for images on the world wide web; otherwise all additional uses (especially print) should come from an image at its highest resolution.
Sep 27 '14
Anyone interested in participation in the Sunset Heights Block Party please fill out the Chucosize Me! form or Email us at Chucoartistnetwork@gmail.com > Subject: Sunset Heights Block Party. We will contact you as soon as possible! Thanks!
Sep 27 '14
I am now on Ello. If you'd like an invite, I've got 25. :D

Sep 15 '14
Sep 13 '14
Only the purest of souls deserves absolute truth.
Let he who has never lied step forth and receive all that is true.
Sep 2 '14
Be informed about the debt-trap of student loans, check out College Conspiracy. Don't let your school-pride keep you from being completely informed about the implications of your college education.

Aug 27 '14
Hello you guys,

For DIGITAL IMAGING students and for anyone interested in buying their own camera I am selling my DSLR Nikon D5200 with a 18-55mm lens with full kit of usb cable, memory car, manuals... retail value of $699 but I am selling at $450 or best offer!!! Send me a text if interested.... 915-288-7208
Aug 27 '14
Keep Clam Get Henna tomorrow at the Rock House Cafe from 6pm-11pm
Henna Powder & Kits Available.
Small Organic Henna Design $5
Aug 21 '14
whats the best place to get artwork professionally frames? i heard Michaels was pretty expensive. any other ideas?
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